Agency for
Digital Communication

Agency for
Digital Communication

  • What Social Media can Accomplish.

    It is common belief that social media has become an integral part of successful communication strategies. But how can social media really benefit your brand?

  • No Content – no Community.

    Content in the wrong channel, a very notable intent to sell or a lack of editorial depth don’t appeal. But how to pull off successful content marketing?

  • Communities:
    In Best Company.

    On social media, swarms of users actively comment on brands and, in so doing, influence the opinions of others. The building, navigating and managing of a community provide the foundation for successful social media strategies.

  • Influencer – and no bite?

    The general public quickly tends to hype influencers with high follower counts like they were popstars. But fans alone don’t make a good influencer. What influencer marketing is about.

  • Principle Social Media: The Basics.

    Social media marketing may not be a panacea, but it can significantly contribute to the enthusiasm for a brand. When 3 simple rules are followed.

  • Social Media – 6 Typical Misconceptions.

    Social media is as fascinating as it is complex. There are numerous advantages, but also numerous misconceptions. We show you which ones.