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Strategic, holistic and agile like a swarm: that’s the full-service agency svaerm.

As a full-service agency, svaerm provides you with a personal contact person who manages our specialists from all disciplines of marketing and advertising and ensures the quality of the realization from your company’s point of view.

The full-service agency svaerm offers you a broad portfolio of customized services online and offline for B2B and B2C. With us, you are not just another entry in a long list of customers. Instead, we focus entirely on an intensive, highly individual cooperation with a few long-term clients. Only then will we be able to cultivate in-depth know-how about your company – and product-specific features, integrate these sustainably into the value creation process, and achieve synergies in the various measures.

We want to build a long-term, trusting agency-client relationship and supply you with the highest self-imposed standards of project management, design, editing and technology – holistically and from a single source.


What makes svaerm a Full-Service Agency?

Many agencies claim to be a full-service agency, as it is attractive to be found online under this search term. But not all of them can credibly operate as such: Some have, in actual fact, a different focus, and others are too large to truly realize the tailored, customized quality of a full-service agency in all areas. What makes us special?

The full-service agency svaerm was originally founded in 2018 as an online marketing agency. It evolved from the digital department of Mai Communications, a strategic-creative communications agency since 2000, serving clients such as BMW, MINI, Prime Capital, Union Investment and Messe Frankfurt over long time frames.

svaerm and Mai Communications work together in close coordination on various client projects, with shared management and office space.

svaerm’s content marketers, developers, web designers, SEOs and videographers manage the online marketing, while the project management, creative direction, photography, PR and event teams of Mai Communications focus on traditional communication – separate yet connected, like the two halves of one brain.

As a client of svaerm, you are in contact with one personal contact person from svaerm – but you choose us as your agency partner in the knowledge that you will thus benefit from the shared expertise of two specialist agencies that together live up to one claim: FULL SERVICE.

Good to know

What Is a Full-Service Agency?

A full-service agency is a service company that offers a comprehensive range of marketing and advertising services. The customers of a full-service agency are provided with a personal contact person who advises them on all aspects of marketing and advertising, manages the various specialist departments in the agency and conducts quality assurance in the interests of the customers.

In full-service agencies, the focus lies on a holistic communication: They provide the initial strategy, conception and planning, design, operational realization and distribution, as well as the final evaluation and reoptimization of all marketing and advertising measures.

They regularly present budget calculations, decision-making bases and reporting to their customers. There is still room for strategic impetus. However, corporate-side marketing decision makers can largely withdraw from day-to-day operations or focus on strategic decisions.

The range of services offered by a full-service agency clearly differs, in a positive sense, from that of a classic advertising agency or from a digital agency.

Difference to an Advertising Agency

The key differences of a full-service agency compared to a traditional advertising agency are its leading project management and specialized technical competencies.

In an advertising agency, the focus lies more on the creative output for campaigns. Full-service agencies manage the cooperation in a much more customer-specific way and can thus make better estimates regarding budgets, timelines and required team structure. As a result, the project management of full-service agencies is more qualified, comprehensive and reliable.

While advertising agencies can certainly realize good and original designs on various print media and websites, full-service agencies have better-developed specialist and specialized qualifications online and offline. Examples of this may include special expertise in corporate identity or corporate design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, marketing automation, film production and CSR campaigns.

Difference to a Digital Agency

Digital agencies, or online (marketing) agencies, concentrate on the online sector and generally do not offer any traditional or offline services. They tend to focus on technical expertise. Often their project management works less holistically and the agency has a clearly defined strategic focus, e.g. as a WordPress agency, SEO agency or social media agency.

There are digital agencies with a wide range of online services and an overall project management that coordinates all online activities. Such agencies are called full-service digital agencies. They are not full-service agencies because they do not provide traditional communications.

svaerm itself is a full-service digital agency, but thanks to its partner agency, Mai Communications, it can offer the broad range of services and leading project management of a full-service agency.

svaerm: The Full-Service Agency from Frankfurt

The full-service agency svaerm has its headquarters in the middle of a hotspot of creativity: In Frankfurt’s east end, surrounded by ateliers and design studios with a wide variety of key topics. Nearby are also the ECB and various automotive brands such as BMW, MINI, Porsche and Audi.

Thanks to the key qualifications of its employees, its direct connection with Mai Communications and its interdisciplinary network of experts, the full-service agency svaerm is able to serve renowned companies from a wide range of industries in Frankfurt, the Rhine-Main region and throughout Germany in all aspects of marketing and advertising.

Its clients include Messe Frankfurt, the Japanese-international specialty chemicals company Kuraray, the financial services providers Union Investment and Prime Capital, Frankfurt’s energy department and the in-house festival brand Stilblüten. Below, you will learn more about the work of the full-service agency.

Services of the Full-Service Agency svaerm

Online Marketing ServicesOffline Marketing ServicesHybrid Services
WordPress-WebsitesCorporate Identity / Corporate DesignAdvertising Campaign
SEOPrint AgencyEmployer Branding
Google AdsTrade Fair CommunicationCorporate Social Responsibility
Content MarketingEvent ManagementCopywriting
Social Media MarketingGiveawaysPhotography
Email MarketingGraphic Design
Online Shop SupportVideo and Film Production
Sustainable Website Optimization360 Degree Tour
Accessible Websites

Made a find?

Contact the full-service agency for a personal consultation. After receiving initial written information, you can contact our project management team directly and we will introduce you to our specialist departments.

Simply use the contact form or get in touch directly with the contact person on the right.

Online Marketing Services

svaerm offers a wide range of online marketing services. For most of these tasks, a cooperation with the strategic-creative partner agency Mai Communications is not necessary, as svaerm’s employees themselves have the necessary key qualifications to serve their clients as a full-service online marketing agency.


The online marketing measures of a full-service agency require a website to be the central hub. Although the choice of a suitable content management system must always be a case-by-case decision, we increasingly recommend and implement the CMS WordPress.

Whether corporate website, blog or online store, whether simple or multilingual with login system and complex interfaces: With WordPress and a full-service agency that can perform all the tasks of a competent WordPress agency, absolutely any website project can be realized. WordPress websites are leaders in design, findability and content maintenance. With the WooCommerce plugin, extremely user-friendly online stores can also be implemented in WordPress.

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The agency worked very goal-oriented and independently; the project remained “in time” as well as “in budget”. The result is impressive – we are highly satisfied.

Christian Banzer,
Prime Capital

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a holistic approach to increasing the organic visibility of content in Google, YouTube, Amazon and other search engine result pages for relevant keywords.

The special feature is that SEO service providers can achieve disproportionately large visibility gains in the long term with the same budget input. The placement of paid advertisements is not necessary. Instead, an interdisciplinary team of technical, creative and editorial experts works on the ongoing optimization of the website.

This is entirely in line with the guiding principle of a full-service agency, especially since complying with best practices of SEO has numerous positive spillover effects on other areas of online and offline marketing. At svaerm, we methodically focus SEO on “writing plan”-based fulfillment of your target audiences’ search intent, creating the best chance for your content to rank.

In this way, we work very individually on the customer’s objectives. We continuously review the effectiveness of our working methods and regularly derive new measures – accompanied, for example, by three-monthly visibility reports.

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Robin Conrad, Kuraray Europe GmbH, Elastomer Division

„svaerm has exceeded all expectations.“

Robin Conrad,
Marketing & CRM, Kuraray Europe GmbH, Elastomer Division

Google Ads / Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

While SEO aims for long-term, large visibility gains, Google Ads generate immediate, proportional online visibility (in relation to the budget).

This makes Google Ads a useful complementary measure – especially while the SEO is still under construction. As a full-service agency, svaerm understands the synergies of the two disciplines, because SEO particularly benefits from SEA data, while SEA acts as a catalyst until SEO takes off.

svaerm creates the keyword research, creative input and texts for your search ads, display ads and YouTube advertising completely in-house, runs the campaigns, monitors and evaluates them – agile and completely from one source.

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Content Marketing

Eine Videocrew nimmt ein Interview an einem Messestand auf.

90.63% of webpages record no traffic from Google (ahrefs) of YouTube channels have less than 10,000 subscribers (Jokull via /r/NewTubers). In contrast, content marketing is a craft with which the full-service agency svaerm creates text-based and audiovisual content that becomes organically visible and encourages users to interact.

Content marketing includes SEO texts, social media posts, videos and podcasts, and aims to increase clearly defined marketing KPIs such as reach, page views, video views, brand awareness, leads and sales conversions. Full-service agencies offering content marketing must have editorial (professional) expertise, industry and target group understanding, as well as extensive know-how of search and discovery algorithms.

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Social Media Marketing

Due to the constantly decreasing organic reach, we have to note: Social media is paid media. Without the placement of paid ads, nothing works on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. anymore. That’s why it’s crucial to have creation, editing and campaign management under the umbrella of a professional full-service agency.

Many companies post their social media content themselves, but run little to no ads. svaerm helps these companies with the services of a social media agency, including precise ad targeting and seamless reporting. At the same time, your multimedia content gets a design upgrade.

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Margit Herberth, Messe Frankfurt

“The agency advised us very well and translated our objectives into a digital campaign strategy. […]“

Margit Herberth,
Messe Frankfurt

Email Marketing

Email marketing is very effective when it is used well. Almost everyone uses email, privately and even more so in a business context. Newsletters and marketing automation-based email flows are particularly well suited for lead generation and lead nurturing in the target group and ultimately converting them to a purchase.

The full-service agency svaerm flexibly adapts to work with different email providers such as Sendinblue, SalesForce, Hubspot, Cleverreach and mailingwork. We adapt to your needs – also in cooperation with already existing service providers of your company – or make a recommendation.

We place newsletter registration touchpoints and lead magnets on your website and create target group-specific subject lines, newsletter templates and texts that maximize your open rates and click-through rates. For one of our clients’ German-language blog newsletters, svaerm has doubled email open rates and quintupled click-through rates since we began working together.

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Online Shop Support

From the perspective of a dedicated full-service agency, an online store project is far from complete when a (re-)launch in modern design and flawless technology has been accomplished.

Instead, the question arises, what visibility the store has, how this can be improved throughout the year, and how the store can be meaningfully and profitably expanded to include new products and categories. As a full-service agency, svaerm is very familiar with the diverse requirements of different target groups for e-commerce stores.

To test our cooperation, our sales department is happy to offer you a video-based store audit at a special introductory price. Simply contact us via the contact form or directly via the contact person on the right.

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Sustainable Website Optimization

The internet and digital technologies emit 3.7% of total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (Source, 2018), making them comparable to the international aircraft industry. In our editorial on developing sustainable websites, we present measures to reduce emissions triggered by websites.

Taking into account your positioning, target groups and other characteristics of your company, we check the relevance of sustainable website optimization for your business. If needed, we select corporate hosting providers that run your website on green power, reduce their electricity consumption and advise you on carbon offset projects.

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Accessible Websites

Due to state-specific regulations on accessible information technology, websites of public bodies must meet certain minimum accessibility requirements. In addition, the topic is also becoming increasingly important for other industries, such as banking and e-commerce.

The full-service agency svaerm supplies accessible website optimization completely from one source – from the initial consultation and budgeting up to going live, as well as continuous improvement, all services are provided.

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Offline Marketing Services

Despite the internet boom, the demand for classic communications services remains high. Here, the full-service agency svaerm draws on the expertise of its partner agency Mai Communications in the areas of consulting, project management, communication design and event management.

As a client of svaerm, you get one personal contact person from svaerm and do not have to manage a second agency or pay separately, even if you request classic communication services from us. Our project management always takes a 360-degree view of customer projects, both online and offline.

Corporate Identity / Corporate Design

Pure corporate design agencies have their focus in the elaboration of brand-specific design elements such as logo, typography, colors, image tonality, etc. They are sometimes too far removed from your communication channels and target groups, as well as the opportunities and risks of your day-to-day business. They paint an idealistic, but impersonal picture of your company. Classical advertising agencies, on the other hand, lack the professional and technical detailed knowledge to provide realistically implementable and coherent CI or CD specifications.

The advantage of a full-service agency is that through a personal contact in the agency, your company has direct contact with trained professionals in the areas of corporate design and corporate identity, creative direction, conception and final artwork. A full-service agency is intimately familiar with your business and saves you the costly screening for and management of multiple specialty agencies.

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Print media are still an elementary component in the marketing mix of every company. Whether it’s classical formats such as brochures, flyers, mailings, posters, catalogs, magazines, annual reports and business cards, or productions with special requirements such as outdoor advertising, textile printing or packaging made of a wide variety of materials: A full-service agency must also function as a holistic print agency.

With our partner agency Mai Communications and our network of printers, proofreaders and hand-picked specialist service providers, we serve the most demanding needs of our customers and their target groups. Contact our sales department – we will be happy to present examples of our work and discuss your individual project idea.

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Trade Fair Communication

As a full-service agency of Messe Frankfurt, we know trade fair communication very well from 4 perspectives: That of the trade fair organizer, the (professional) visitors, the (B2B) exhibitors and the journalists. A trade fair appearance and a trade fair visit are a high-interest undertaking with a significant investment in time and budget for all parties involved.

Trade fair communication has the task of extending an event, limited in time and geography, beyond its boundaries in order to anchor it year-round and everywhere in the minds and hearts of its target groups. Whether with an advertising campaign on the part of the organizer, a virtual 360-degree tour of an extraordinary trade fair stand or via livestream coverage with intellectual claim and emotional entertainment value: The full-service agency svaerm makes your trade fair unforgettable.

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Young, very professional and dedicated team. The cooperation […] worked well. Recommendable!

Kerstin Hülsmann,

Event Management

As a reliable full-service agency that has launched its own festival brand for fashion and design, Stilblüten Frankfurt, we have a vested interest in scrutinizing and constantly improving our event management for ourselves and our clients with maximum quality standards.

Location, participant and sponsor acquisition, set-up and dismantling, catering, on-site services, decoration, branding and event communication require a high degree of planning precision and creativity. With svaerm as a full-service event management agency at your side, you create the necessary free space for yourself so that you can concentrate fully on your core business.

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The agency market is big… I am happy to recommend svaerm.

Britta Meyer,
Business consultant


Abgebildet ist ein Sprout Stift, der in eine Papierverpackung eingebettet ist.

As a full-service agency, we also develop individual giveaways for our customers’ target groups, have them produced and distribute them. Giveaways are attention-grabbing promotional items that we mostly design as useful everyday companions or as branded sympathy items. Giveaways must be focused on the target group, fit the company and, if required, be produced in large quantities.

One example is our high-quality and sustainable seed pencil, which you can grow as a sunflower after the end of use. We designed it individually for Conzoom Solutions in cooperation with our industry and logistics partners – a trade magazine whose professional readership sows knowledge and reaps business success, so to speak.

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Hybrid Services

For hybrid services, i.e. marketing and advertising activities that take place both online and offline, you benefit from the combined expertise of both agencies: The online marketing agency svaerm and the strategic-creative communications agency Mai Communications. As usual, you get one contact person at svaerm and you don’t have to manage an additional agency or pay for it separately.

Advertising Campaign

When an objective, a strategy and an advertising message come together and communication measures and advertising media are implemented over a defined period of time, we talk about an advertising campaign.

As a full-service agency, we bundle your marketing and advertising activities into strategic, cross-media campaigns. In this way, we position your company, product, service or brand and create a valuable, characteristic identity.

Our campaigns are characterized by a striking, appropriate look and a clearly defined level of content. In this way, we predominantly support B2B and B2C suppliers of high-quality products and services or products that require explanation. Our focus is on holistic image campaigns, often over a period of one year.

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Employer Branding

As a full-service agency, we also support your recruitment of new employees. With employer branding campaigns that are tailored specifically to your company and address your target groups where they are, we position you as an attractive employer in the era of skilled workers shortage.

Depending on the usage behavior of your potential employees, possible online employer branding measures can also include inbound tools such as blogs, vlogs or a search engine-friendly job board on your company website.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Companies that do not provide answers to their customers’ sustainability questions can quickly come under criticism, suffer damage to their image and lose sales. How do you position yourself with regard to social, ecological and economic sustainability?

As a full-service agency, we find your position – or consolidate it with targeted communication measures, concepts and instruments such as Shared Value and sustainable websites. Contact us for an individual initial consultation.

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Man sieht eine junge Frau vor einem Computer sitzen. Sie schreibt gerade auf dem vor ihr liegenden Blatt Papier.

In order to distinguish themselves positively from their competitors, companies must increasingly communicate what makes them special: Their know-how, their product portfolio, their philosophy – as suppliers of products and services, or as employers. This requires good texts. Do you lack the resources to do this, or you do not know what you need to pay attention to?

The solution: Have texts written.

Whether for offline or online media, we will find the right words for you: Striking and attention-grabbing for the next advertising campaign, or search engine optimized with professional depth for your website.

As a full-service agency, svaerm supports you holistically: From the free initial consultation to the final proofreading. Independently and in the interest of our customers – that is our motto. When creating texts, we take into account your industry and target group as well as your very individual requirements. Get in touch – your text is in good hands with us!

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Ein weibliches Model nimmt in einem grauen Sessel mit ausgefallener Wabenstruktur platz.

In photography, a distinction must be made between product photography vs. people photography, as well as between studio vs. on-location shoots. There is also a very wide spectrum in terms of quality, which in turn depends on the intended use of the photos.

The clear USP of the full-service agency svaerm is that we have intensive project experience in all of the above-mentioned areas – and that we can scale the quality particularly well. From in detailed planned, multi-day high-end shoots with large expert teams up to lean and agile shootings with small teams of 2 to 3 people, where the photographer also does the post-production, we can work on (almost) any quality and budget level.

The demand is growing, as high-quality photos are increasingly being requested in large quantities at affordable budgets, since the fast-moving media world has shortened the overall half-life of images. As a full-service agency, we can usefully tie in with our quality spectrum and differentiate ourselves from more specialized suppliers who, for example, have to permanently finance a dedicated art buying team and cannot work this budget-oriented.

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Graphic Design

The creative direction and art direction of the full-service agency svaerm develop design concepts and communication solutions and create web and layout designs, editorial designs, illustrations, infographics and data visualizations with a maximum degree of individualization completely in-house.

It is our claim that we must succeed in bringing the companies, products, services and brands of all our clients into the zeitgeist, into the here-and-now – matching their target groups and strictly adhering to the CI and CD specifications as well as the campaign-specific advertising line.

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Video Production & Film Production

The full-service agency svaerm offers a very wide range of customized services in the field of video production and film production. Similar to photography, we can work on the most diverse quality and budget levels.

Beginning with simple social media advertising clips, lecture recordings and on-location livestreams up to 24-hour image films, we can realize productions in various budget-efficient formats with small, agile teams. In contrast, we also produce high-end product videos, trade fair or event films and even premium image films with individually composed soundtracks and customer-specific stylistic elements, such as poetry slam.

Your personal contact at svaerm will record your requirements and formulate a briefing, including a quality check that takes customer-specific features into account. You save yourself the trouble of researching and managing a specialized production company. Instead, you receive everything from a single source from your full-service agency – including the target group-specific marketing of your videos.

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360 Degree Tour

↑ Interactive – try it out now! ↑

With the 360 degree tours of the full-service agency svaerm, your target groups can explore your site, showroom, trade fair stand or your location, property or exhibition online. The format is promotionally effective, interactive and razor-sharp, the technology behind it intuitively operable and lightweight. The virtual 360 degree tour can be used for different objectives and flexibly integrated online, i.e. via website on the Internet or in a company’s own intranet.

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Your benefits with svaerm, the Full-Service Agency

svaerm is a competent service provider that gives you more time for your core business:

Experienced project management on time and within budget

CI-compliant design, oriented on the zeitgeist

Smart, high-performance technology and online advertising

Original (technical) content for SEO and social media

Multimedia expertise: editorial, photo, video, podcast

Customized campaigns and events

Our Full-Service Projects

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