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Are you looking for an online marketing agency for Erfurt and the surrounding region? A team of driven experts in several digital specialties, ready to create custom-made solutions for your marketing needs?

Then svaerm is the right choice! As a holistic, full-service team of marketers and designers, we’re prepared to manage nearly every facet of your online presence. Get sleek web design, SEO content that ranks, professional videos, and focused social media marketing—all through svaerm.

Web design, development, relaunches, and themes

The first step to establishing a healthy online presence is a professionally designed website. We make sure you start off strong by designing our mobile- and user-friendly sites in WordPress, the world’s most popular and versatile content management system.

Mobile- und Desktop-Ansichten des Redesigns der Kuraray-Website.
Optimized and mobile-friendly WordPress website designed for our client, Kuraray

Whether you need a website built from the ground up, an old site relaunched or something in between, we deliver elegant, modern themes optimized for speed and organic visibility. Take advantage of svaerm’s range of services through SEO content, advertising, and more, or manage your new site yourself through WordPress’ intuitive interface.

svaerm: Your bridge into the digital world

Search engine optimization and SEO content

At svaerm, we take advantage of the potent organic visibility of search engine optimization (SEO) with high-quality content that meets the search intents of users in your niche. We use search intent hierarchy analysis to accurately identify what your target audience is looking for and fulfill those needs, earning their clicks and your place in Google rankings for key search terms.

These historical personalities from the University of Erfurt are an inspiration to us: Meister Eckhard, Martin Luther und Max Weber.

The University of Erfurt’s famed alumni understand the importance of expertise and quality better than most—and svaerm takes the same approach to our SEO content. Our qualified network of subject matter experts, marketers, and SEO specialists ensures that the content we produce and optimize is useful and natural, giving your project the best chance to rank—no vanity metrics or keyword stuffing.

Social media marketing and advertising

Like the gorgeous gardens and farms of Erfurt, svaerm understands the importance of growth. We enable yours through carefully planned social media marketing and paid advertising campaigns, which our prior client experience shows is by far the most effective path to reliably generate visibility on major platforms like Facebook.

Social Ads for Messe Frankfurt’s Trade Fair Trio
Christmasworld instant experience ad, produced by svaerm

To maximize the performance of your paid ads, we optimize them for your target audience from concept to final product, updating you every step of the way. After identifying your budget, goals, and target groups, we develop a series of ads in your corporate style and run them in controlled test phases to find the best-performing candidates. We then scale those successful ads in a growth phase, bringing your business to your target audience using our extensive experience with platform placement requirements and relevance assessments.

Video and film production

Eine Videocrew nimmt ein Interview an einem Messestand auf.
An experienced svaerm video crew records a trade fair interview

Quality video is a powerful path to visibility, and svaerm supports yours with full-service in-house video production. Although svaerm’s crews haven’t been lucky enough to work with a star as famous as KiKA’s Bernd das Brot, they do have extensive experience producing projects of nearly every budget and type, from social media clips and high-end image films to 24-hour event films and livestreams.

When you create a video with svaerm, you’ll work with a personal contact who will communicate your vision to our team of reliable videographers, editors, and directors, developing a cohesive final product. From the very first stages, we design for optimal organic visibility on YouTube and other major platforms—all while embodying your brand and style.

Online stores and e-commerce

To bring your products to your audience in a clean, professional package, svaerm designs online stores in WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin. Our method ensures that your e-commerce ventures share the ranking and visibility of their parent site by building them on the same domain. Through carefully placed links connecting relevant existing pages on your site to your store, your potential customers will be able to easily navigate down the marketing funnel from awareness to conversion.

Like the Erfurt Twin Churches, svaerm connects the best of two worlds—design competency and technical expertise.

For established online stores, our team is happy to help by employing our SEO expertise in Shopify project revisions and SEO audits.

Interested in the benefits of a full-service online marketing agency?

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Your benefits with svaerm

Our successes in the region around Erfurt

Full-service agency for Ambiente

Ambiente, the most important consumer goods trade fair in the world, attracts numerous visitors from home and abroad and takes place every February a three hours’ drive away from Erfurt and just 45 minutes from Erfurt’s sister city of Mainz. svaerm looks after the offline and online marketing of the event year-round and across all channels—strategically, creatively, editorially, and technically.

Ein Screenshot der neuen Website auf einem Tablet und einem Smartphone, dahinter ein hellblauer Hintergrund

Climate protection website for the Frankfurt Energy Department

svaerm, the Erfurt online marketing agency, handles digital marketing for the climate department of the nearby city of Frankfurt. In addition to a full, SEO-conscious website relaunch, the climate department team continues to receive ad hoc support from svaerm in content marketing and technical SEO marketing.

To the website relaunch project
To the content marketing project

Stilblüten Festival for fashion and design

Stilblüten, organized by svaerm, is an event at which fashion and design manufacturers from the region and all over Germany regularly exhibit their goods and offer them for sale. Stilblüten’s online marketing strategy includes measures ranging from online press work and exhibitor advertising to email marketing and regional social media marketing for exhibitor and visitor acquisition.

To the project

Online marketing for financial service providers in the region

svaerm has developed a microsite for Union Investment’s anniversary communications and the corporate website of Prime Capital. Both of these financial service providers rely on the online marketing strategies of the internet agency svaerm.

To the Union Investment project
To the Prime Capital project

Online marketing for Kuraray

The international specialty chemicals company Kuraray has its German headquarters in Hattersheim, located a three hours’ drive away from Erfurt. svaerm looks after the online marketing of both Kuraray Elastomer and Kuraray Paper and Plastic Packaging through services including WordPress website development, Google SEO, and continuous content marketing.

To the Kuraray website relaunch project
To the Kuraray content marketing project

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