Testimonial Video: Ambiente Statements


Capturing customer impressions directly at the event and thus increasing trust in the trade fair – this is the aim of the testimonial video for Ambiente.

Our deliverables

  • Concept
  • Interviews
  • Shooting
  • Art direction
  • Footage selection
  • Editing & post-production

Customer comments and testimonials – also known as or “social proof” – have always been used to communicate trustworthiness or the value and desirability of products and services. A prospect who reads or hears positive reviews from peers converts more easily into a customer.

This basic idea remains unchanged in the digital age. Only the rules of the game have been updated: Our media consumption has increased, the volume of advertising is exploding, and the social networks equal sensory overload. The filters of our perception are becoming more and more strict. The result for advertisers: Generating and maintaining attention is harder than ever.

That’s why videos are the ideal medium for communicating testimonials. To unconsciously decide whether a message is interesting or would be better caught in the perception filter – this simply takes longer with videos than with texts and static images. Users immediately interact as they keep watching.

Diversity, internationality, exciting characters, strong messages: They make the Ambiente statements video interesting. The most important target groups of Ambiente have their say in the video:

  • Retailers
  • Buyers from the HoReCa industry
  • Buyers from the contract business
  • Exhibitors
  • Designers

A persona concept and various questionnaires tailored to the respective customer typologies allow representatives of different demographics and psychographics to provide valuable statements.

The statements video is used on the homepage of the official Ambiente website, answers the demand for testimonials and increases the conversion rate among exhibitors and trade visitors.

As a professional agency for film production in Frankfurt, we can really recommend testimonial videos to any company that sells products or services. Let’s talk about what a testimonial video can do for you.



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