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Sustainable visibility for your company thanks to search engine optimization for search intent.

It’s in the name! Here at svaerm, we attract swarms of website visitors to your business. As an SEO agency, we focus on the search intent of your customer typologies. In this way, we ensure that your website not only gains long-term online visibility, but also acquires the right kind of visitors.

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What makes our agency’s SEO so special?

We prefer to think in terms of search engine user optimization rather than simply search engine optimization. As well as all the complex technical stuff, our aim ultimately is to generate recurring traffic from users who are genuinely interested in your business and convert them into customers.

To achieve this, our svaerm SEO agency focuses on content creation and follows a two-pronged strategy that we customize for each client:

1. Search intent hierarchy analysis

With this concept we are able to identify the search intent, i.e. what your prospective customers actually want information about when they formulate a particular search query – and in what order. Here we take our cue from the approaches your competitors are already effectively using.

2. Interview-based, intent-focused content

To ensure that we can reliably serve any sector and convert your prospective customers with content appropriate to their level of knowledge, we interview experts both inside and outside your company. Our SEOs identify the potentials, keywords, approaches and interviewees for each building block of your website. Based on this foundation, our interdisciplinary network of specialist editors creates original content to convert your prospective customers.

Both approaches are absolutely up-to-the-minute SEO concepts. You will certainly find our competent competitors using one or other concept. What sets us apart, however, is that we combine the best of both worlds to build long-term organic visibility for your business.

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Our values

  • Sustainable online visibility
  • Focus on conversions
  • Keyword prioritization by search intent instead of search volume
  • Knowhow from international SEO conferences
  • White-hat SEO: no risky manipulation of the Google algorithm
  • Good design as the most important indirect ranking factor
  • First-class project management
  • Direct contact with experienced technical, design and marketing staff
  • Editorial expertise across all sectors
  • Transparency in terms of timings and budget

Bespoke SEO services

SEO is an interdisciplinary field. Some of our new clients associate SEO simply with keywords and technology. Although this isn’t entirely wrong, it is an incomplete view. Our SEO agency uses a holistic approach.

Onsite SEO

By this we mean the maintenance of metadata and the technical inspection of websites. Since the Google Page Experience Update (06/21), we take into account in our onsite SEO not just the learned metrics but, also the Core Web Vitals, which weight the speed and usability of websites – with a focus on mobile traffic.

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Inbound links from external websites are an authority signal to the Google algorithm, which help your website gain visibility. Since quality is now more important than quantity, we see link building as a complementary measure to accelerate your visibility gains.


The issue of keyword optimization has changed significantly over the past decade. There is now less focus on exact syntactic matching and more on semantic matching of the search intent. Based on Google’s Hummingbird, BERT and MUM algorithms, we focus on the search intent of your prospective customers instead of keyword density or other numerical factors.

Screenshot of the KWFinder tool

Content marketing

When it comes to creating content, there are a number of pitfalls. Entry-level content that does not go into sufficient detail can often lead to more experienced users exiting the site. More infrequently, newcomers may be deterred by too advanced, less accessible, complex content. With our interview- and intent-focused approach to content marketing, we attempt to bridge the gap between beginners and professionals so as to pick up all customer typologies from your sector with new and original specialist content.

We have ample experience of content that generates traffic but doesn’t result in conversions. We view traffic as a basic requirement and conversions as the real yardstick.

Local SEO

You can in fact achieve a great deal on a small budget with your SEO agency by using local SEO. Despite the somewhat misleading term ‘local’, this also represents an interesting approach for internationally active companies. Google ratings are a universally visible quality mark. Plus, for certain keywords, if you want to rank nationally, you initially need to establish a regional presence in several cities.

Screenshot of the LocalFalcon tool

Google E-A-T

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. In our 21st century world, Google wants to make sure that reputable websites appear in search results rather than fake news, bogus companies and conspiracy theories. The integrity of your website is therefore examined and evaluated not only by means of algorithmic criteria, but also by human investigators. The svaerm SEO agency is one of the few German providers that applies strategies to cater to the needs of Google’s modern E-A-T ranking system.

Billing models

Due to the long-term nature of our measures and the uncertainty of future Google algorithm updates, we have no confidence in promises of success. You can work together with the svaerm SEO agency on a project basis, on a retainer basis, quarterly or by one-time billing. Simply let us know your requirements. After a professional sparring session, we will provide you with a non-binding, transparent offer.

Marketing decision makers simply love svaerm

The agency advised us really well and effectively translated our goals into a digital campaign strategy. […]

Margit Herberth,
Messe Frankfurt

Case Studies

Full-service SEO and content marketing for Kuraray Elastomer

The specialty chemicals company Kuraray produces raw materials such as elastomers and TPEs. svaerm has developed the Elastomer website with its 4 languages fully focused on SEO: Concept, design, technical, content, EAT, offsite optimization.

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Case Study: Uccellino

Local SEO for Hamburg designer manufacturer

The Hamburg manufacturer ‘uccellino’ designs and produces designer furniture, home accessories and much more for the table. It has two sites – a showroom and a back office.

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Our SEO-Process

Step 1: SEO audit
Step 2: Marketing Persona
Step 3: Keyword research
Step 4: Content campaign
Step 5: Ling building campaign
Step 6: Local SEO
Step 7: E-A-T
Step 8: SEO business intelligence

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