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Agency for swarm generation on social media: Would you like us to generate a swarm of fans for you?

We’ve been helping businesses succeed on social media since 2014. The platforms and rules of the game are constantly changing, but we make sure we stay on the ball so that our clients achieve the best possible results. As a social media agency, our comprehensive, individually tailored services are based on excellent project management, contemporary design, precise campaign management and field-tested online expertise.


Why svaerm?

Ideal size

With 10 permanent staff and a network of interdisciplinary experts, we offer the precise scaling and versatility that your company needs. Flat hierarchies enable our customers to have direct contact with the relevant professionals. You could be one of our small number of customers and benefit from our in-depth, individually tailored approach.

Experienced professionals

Any student with a laptop, Photoshop and Facebook ad account can call themselves a “social media agency”. We stand apart from the competition with our successful project management experience, budget management of our clients’ 6-figure advertising budgets, and ongoing professional development at international online marketing conferences.

Perfect synergies

The svaerm social media agency emerged from the digital marketing department of Mai Communications GmbH, which has been serving well-known clients such as Messe Frankfurt, BMW Group, Prime Capital and Union Investment for over 20 years. The two agencies work together, focusing on their own specialist areas. Our clients benefit from the synergies between strategic consulting, excellent creative services and theoretical and practical online expertise.

Project management with leadership

What Social Media can Accomplish.

As a social media agency, we have to respond dynamically to new situations and maintain flexibility for our clients’ processes. This only works with transparent budgets, binding timing agreements and rigorous customer expectations management. Your direct contact persons in the project management team and in the specialist departments ensure that your campaign goals are implemented.

What you need to know when you commission a social media agency

You need defined goals

What do you want to achieve on social media? Only you can answer this question. We’d be happy to help you translate abstract marketing goals into concrete social media campaign goals. But you should at least formulate an idea of your possible goals in relation to social media.

Social media is paid media

When social media was still uncharted territory for businesses, you could achieve a passable digital reach simply by publishing content. Today, if you want to succeed on social media, you need to budget for advertising and run ads through Ads Manager: The competition for “organic” reach is now so fierce that established Facebook fan pages only reach + / – 0.5% of their fans with a post. However, paid social media advertising is usually cheaper than traditional advertising formats.

Possibilities and limits of social media targeting

As a social media agency, we encounter a number of client assumptions that in our view are incorrect, such as: Facebook is not suitable for B2B, you can’t generate fans with ads and ad waste in target groups is unacceptable. Basically, there are very precise control options with regard to campaign goals and advertising target groups, and it is worthwhile to run tests for B2B ads on Facebook. But, there are limits: Many users who should actually be part of the target group are not captured because of privacy settings or are simply inactive during the campaign period. And there will always be a certain amount of waste and “false positives”.

Flexibility is plannable

Social media agencies need to respond flexibly to the performance of individual ads. Unless otherwise briefed, svaerm breaks campaigns down into a test phase and a growth phase so that performance-based budget weighting can take place. Only in this way can we ensure that our clients get as much performance for their advertising budget as possible.

Your benefits with svaerm

Social media agency with ideas that fly

Interdisciplinary team with successful project management experience

Quality-focused growth

A passion for good design and communication

Making customers out of visitors

First-class project management with leadership

Our individually tailored services as a social media agency

Taking your business objectives and cross-channel sales funnel as a starting point, we complete your profile on the basis of a comprehensive social media strategy. The use of precisely targeted social media ads, their monitoring and continuous optimisation is our everyday business – which we pursue with passion.

Facebook agency

Facebook is the largest social network with 2.9 billion users worldwide (Statista, Q2 2021) and 32 million active users in Germany (zweidigital, 2020). As a social media agency, we are able to use 3 targeting options via Facebook to reach your target audience:

  1. The “saved audience” based on location, demographics, interests, behaviour and other criteria.
  2. The “lookalike audience”, which reaches prospects within a target area who are similar to your current fans.
  3. The “custom audience”, which enables retargeting or lookalike targeting (2.) on Facebook through the anonymised uploading and matching of customer data.

Various campaign goals can be selected, such as reach, website traffic, fan growth, video plays and app downloads.

svaerms Facebok Lead Ad für die Ambiente
Facebook Lead Ads for our client “Ambiente”

Further unique and important options are Facebook lead ads, which can be used to easily identify contact details of prospects, and brand recall ads, which can be used to measurably increase your brand recognition.

Instagram agency

With over 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram is one of the largest social networks in the world ( In Germany, almost half of all internet users are active on the app. As Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, officially confirmed in June 2021, the focus is increasingly shifting from photos to videos:

  1. Instagram Stories are 15-second video snippets of a personal character that are only visible on the profile for 24 hours.
  2. IGTV allows you to post videos between 60 seconds and 60 minutes in portrait format.
  3. With Instagram Reels, you can share small, entertaining clips with exciting effects and sounds.
Screenshots aus dem Instagram-Feed der Ambiente

Companies can use these formats for advertising, online advertorials and behind-the-scenes messages. Instagram Live, Instagram Shopping and Instagram Guides are further examples of marketing strategy levers.

As a social media agency, we keep a clear overview of the “jungle of formats” and are able to use the appropriate tools to implement your ideas and our own creative concepts. We work holistically and strategically – guided by our agreement on objectives.

Let’s talk about your project idea!

Twitter agency

One in four German internet users is active on Twitter (Faktenkontor, 2021). From the point of view of professional users, the Twitter microblogging service is particularly well suited for making contact with people they would not otherwise reach, e.g. speakers at conferences, politicians, VIPs, tech company executives and many more.

Social media agencies post tweets and ads in a wide range of locations. This enables them to target follower lookalikes of other people’s profiles and, for instance, entice away target groups of competitors. Paid advertising promoting political content, on the other hand, has been banned by Twitter since Q4 2019 and political groups are using other methods to spread their messages.

Are you interested in our range of services for Twitter? We would be happy to arrange a non-binding consultation.

LinkedIn agency

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, offers more opportunities for reaching B2C and B2B professionals and executives than other social media – the downside is that this means the presence of lots of advertising and offers from competitors.

When creating content for LinkedIn, a good social media agency will find the right balance between information content and business marketing. This is important for qualifying your sales leads without scaring them away with premature advertising messages. The campaign strategy also takes into account the right mix of branding and conversion rate optimization: Your company as sender should appear attractive, but it must not be made too easy for target recipients to sign up as prospects where their level of interest is low and therefore possibly waste the time of your sales team.

In addition to lead generation for sales and image campaigns, employer branding objectives are also well served on LinkedIn. Let’s talk about your business goals!

YouTube agency

YouTube is primarily a search engine for videos, but is also a social network on which companies can also be present with their own channel. Although YouTube lags behind Facebook in terms of worldwide user numbers, in Germany there are more YouTube users than Facebook users (Faktenkontor, 2021).

The principle we described above, i.e. that “social media is paid media”, does not apply to YouTube. Although 500 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube every minute (brandwatch, 2019), nevertheless, a good social media agency can optimise your thumbnails, titles and video content to generate considerable organic visibility for you within your niche without increasing your advertising budget.

If you want to know how we can make your company’s YouTube channel a success, simply arrange a meeting with the svaerm YouTube team.

Content creation for social media

Anyone can post on social media. This means that the hurdles to content creation are extremely low. The supply of content is therefore high, but demand is limited (see also: Content shock). How do you break through users’ personal perception filters?

The most common answer is: “With quality”. But what exactly does that mean? Social media agencies need to have effective models and rules of thumb that have been tested in practice with target groups and align your content accordingly. Examples:

  1. Images: clearly visible on small displays, high contrast, with pull to the centre of the image, little or no text.
  2. Videos: The preview image creates an expectation and the video fulfils it immediately in the first few seconds. Subtitles are required for videos with spoken text.
  3. Storytelling visuals: Contrasts such as “right-wrong”, “before-after”, “foreground-background”, “chaos-order” attract users’ attention. Close-ups of emotive and expressive faces also work well. Did you know? According to A/B testing, confused facial expressions register the best click-through rate!
  4. Copy: Power words such as “you”, “ultimate”, “secret”, “definitely”, “don’t miss”, etc., as well as clear and inspiring calls-to-action improve the click-through rate of the post.

Leave the content creation to the social media professionals. Your no-obligation quote is just a few clicks away.

Influencer marketing agency

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the online marketing mix. Long-term collaborations with carefully cast and well-briefed influencers can be very successful. When selecting influencers, the expected impressions, interactions and conversions as well as the content match to your company are more important than follower numbers. Microinfluencers in particular have long been considered “hidden champions” in online marketing.

Employer branding agency

The svaerm social media agency doesn’t just focus on your potential customers. At a time when skilled staff are in short supply, recruiting new employees is becoming a challenge for many companies. An employer branding campaign positions you as an attractive employer, gives visibility to your job advertisements and employee testimonials, provides promising juniors, specialists and executives with insights into their future working life and has a positive impact on existing employees.

We would be happy to manage your employer branding activities online – with strategic vision and using the technical tricks of the trade. Please get in touch!

Community management agency

As a social media agency, we engage on behalf of your brand in a dialogue with your community rather than a one-way monologue. To give just a few examples: we answer comments and reactions, interact with third-party content, moderate groups and livestreams, follow other profiles and answer queries in the support inbox.

Whether B2B or B2C, for us there is a proactive as well as a reactive component to community management. Social outreach is a communication approach we use that generates additional reach and authority for your company by getting others to report about you on social media and share your content.

From community management projects conducted for Messe Frankfurt, we have experience in interacting with demanding professional target groups, providing targeted support and cultivating long-term customer relationships.

Tell us what you need and we can discuss whether svaerm is the right social media agency for your project.

Billing models

You can work together with the svaerm SEO agency on a project basis, on a retainer basis, quarterly or by one-time billing. We can also run pilot tests with reduced media budgets. Please contact us with your key briefing data. We will get back to you with further questions regarding content or with a transparent, non-binding quotation.

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