Whether B2B or B2C, national or international – our services are scalable and adapt to your individual needs.

To define a clear strategic objective for your company, we holistically analyze the individual situation of your brand.

Who are your most important audiences? Which channels can you best reach them through? Which ones are not necessary or not profitable? Your presence on social media and in blogs must exceed its mere alibi function. It should be strategically motivated, fostering brand loyalty and increasing your revenue or reducing your costs.

Against this backdrop, we prepare content formats that fit your brand and get your fans swarming. We make use of various media and focus on the platforms that are crucial for you.

Mindful of brand-specific idiosyncrasies as well as particular occasions, we work out an editorial schedule that associates content with your formats, tailored to your strategy and audiences.

In addition, we search for possible strategic partnerships with experts and influencers depending on content, personality, reach, interaction and cost-benefit considerations.

Based on the editorial schedule, we create posts for your online presence. Texts need a solid concept and a consistent tonality just as much as fitting media that support their message. Professionally crafted image and video content is an abstraction of your brand’s values and establishes an emotional identity that is full of character.

Collaborations with influencers, experts and other brands make you stand out and add a neutral element to your coverage. The resulting content gives your fans a new perspective on the topics they are interested in.

The reach of posts on social media gets forgotten quickly, or it moves into the sole focus of a brand. Our reach management creates a healthy balance between the quality and the size of the audience reached, as content must be relevant for your fans and induce interaction.

Collaborations and strategically motivated reposts generate reach in an authentic manner. The precise audience targeting of ads on social media and in search engines reduces unwanted scattering loss.

Community management illustrates the importance of the interaction between the brand and its community.

Tasks in the community management include the moderation and the initiation of fan reactions using questions and comments, the comprehensive processing of support requests and complaints as quickly as possible, as well as the authentic representation of the brand by the community managers.

We take care of your community management across all operative activities or support with consulting and communication manuals.

Whether your brand attains the strategic objectives of its online presence is measurable – continuously based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Depending on your strategy, we define meaningful KPIs and analyze them to perpetually optimize the operative and strategic direction of your online presence.

From the community management, we extract feedback about your products and services. Ongoing advertising campaigns are subject to our permanent monitoring and get modified as necessary.