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svaerm is an online marketing agency based in Frankfurt am Main.

In other words: We provide online marketing services to corporate clients.

Most of our clients, in essence, seek the same thing: visibility.

Being online doesn’t necessarily mean being visible. On the internet, there is an oversupply of content, and with the rapid growth rate, more content is produced than can ever be clicked on and consumed. Therefore, visibility must be earned.

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We Make Companies Visible

However, the good news is: It still pays off very well, or even is a necessity, to become visible by publishing content on the internet.

The prerequisite is that the content is precisely tailored to the information needs of the target audience and the requirements of the respective online platform, such as Google, YouTube, or Facebook.

At the same time, it must align with the respective company or the sender of the content so that the target audience can develop an interest in the products or services of our corporate clients.

Finding the intersection in this triangle of tension over and over again for each of our clients and their individual markets is the core competence of svaerm: We make companies visible to generate relevant business inquiries (leads).

Success in online marketing: Venn diagram

We Have an International Focus

Germany is a digitization developing country, at least in terms of online marketing. Most online marketing providers in Germany lag behind by at least 10 years compared to leading experts and certain digital nomads in the USA, Hong Kong, or Thailand.

Thus, we maintain close communication with international colleagues, attend online marketing conferences, and enhance our skills through training and mentoring (learn more). This means that our standards, expertise, and network align with a high international level.

We are a T-Shaped Agency

While content is our primary tool to make our corporate clients visible and generate business inquiries, we have also developed expertise in other areas of online marketing. That’s why we like to refer to ourselves as a T-shaped agency.

The horizontal bar of the letter “T” represents the broad spectrum of our online marketing services, including:

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Website design, development, and programming with WordPress
• Film and video production

The vertical bar of the letter “T” describes the depth of our expertise, particularly in SEO content marketing. Our content aims to become visible in the long term without the use of paid advertisements and generate B2B inquiries from relevant target audiences.

T-shaped agency

We Are (Not) a Startup

Startups are agile, young, and innovative. They offer a familiar atmosphere and flat hierarchies. However, they also come with risks and the potential for failure. svaerm provides some of the advantages of a startup. But with more structure and experience, it isn’t prone to the drawbacks.

Because svaerm is not a startup.

This is because svaerm was formerly the online marketing department of the strategical and creative consulting agency Mai Communications, an established player with over 20 years of experience in the agency business. svaerm has grown out of Mai Communications due to strong demand of its services and extensive online marketing expertise.

In certain projects, synergies are leveraged, such as the long-term project experience, organizational structures, and collaboration with external partners from Mai Communications. In the meantime, svaerm can fully focus on a high level of online expertise.

For our clients, this means they can get the best of both worlds: online marketing from svaerm and offline marketing from Mai Communicators.

This allows svaerm to offer the complete range of services of a full-service agency without clients having to separately approach two different points of contact.

Our Quality Standard

We uphold a high standard of quality and emphasize precision and thoroughness to consistently develop excellent solutions for our clients.

We prefer to work very individually and intensively with a select few clients rather than superficially managing a long list of clients.

Even on the project level, we prioritize quality over quantity. For example, we are aware of a case where only 9 blog posts from svaerm generated a similar monthly Google traffic as over 100 competitor blog posts together (6200 vs. 7700 clicks).

Understanding our clients and analyzing their situation, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks, allows us to work at a high level of customization. We are, in a sense, an agency with a “boutique” character.

Large corporate clients benefit in three ways:

  1. We inject dynamism into slow processes
  2. We focus on the essential aspects of complex matters
  3. We bring clarity to decision-making

Projects for our corporate clients typically begin with the strategic development of a low-risk pilot phase. The success of this phase confirms the collaboration and establishes a foundation that can be expanded upon.

Our work is interdisciplinary and covers at least four areas:

We Are the Swarm

“svaerm” is Danish and translates to “swarm.”

This is why we chose this name:

  1. The visibility we generate attracts swarms of users, much like light attracts moths or an oasis attracts animals in the desert.
  2. Scandinavians are known for their sense of sharing, just as good content is shared online.
  3. Danes serve as an inspiration for us due to the concept of “pyt”. The word roughly translates to “it is what it is” or “let it go”: a stress-free reaction when something isn’t perfect. In online marketing, it’s better to publish a 95% solution and perform updates as needed, rather than aiming for perfection right off the bat and spending months discussing “what ifs”.

svaerm as an Employer

This isn’t us: The Buddy-Buddy Agency.

In a Buddy-Buddy Agency, you might start the day around 11:00 am with a shared brunch. Everyone is friends, whether interns, designers, programmers, project managers, or the leadership team. There’s a football table, a PlayStation, an indoor swing, and two agency dogs.

However, behind this façade often lies calculated social exploitation: the attempt to keep you at the workplace as long as possible and demand everything from you to maximize profitability.

svaerm is not a Buddy-Buddy Agency. We are intrinsically motivated; everyone should want to grow in their roles, advance professionally, and become experts in their respective fields.

Each of us wants to write their own success story with svaerm, whether through a website relaunch with a major client, a new inbound marketing strategy, or an exceptionally successful social media campaign.

Our enthusiasm for specialist topics and our high quality standards make svaerm unique and set us apart from many others. We are looking for like-minded applicants who want to achieve new heights together, not just exchange time for money – you can do that elsewhere.

Sounds good? Check out our job offers here.

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