Learn SEO: Expertise from Practice and Further Education

If you want to learn SEO and develop skills in other online marketing disciplines, you can’t ignore training and educational opportunities. Here’s a selection of recommended sources and learning materials on which our expertise is built – tested and strengthened through our project experience.

Learning SEO

Job titles in online marketing, such as Online Marketing Manager, SEO Manager or Social Media Manager, are not protected designations. Anyone can use these titles, even without any professional qualifications or project experience.

While there are now a few online marketing degree programs here in Germany, they often tend to be very theory-focused. Many applicants with such degrees might have only heard about SEO in passing or have never run a Social Ad through the Meta Ads Manager.

To set ourselves apart from the competition in a positive way, internal training and continuous learning hold a significant value at svaerm. We derive our know-how from various international conferences, among other sources, and apply it directly to our projects.

SEO Industry Conferences

brighton SEO.

The worlds biggest search conference

Crawl Error

Virtual Tech SEO conference hosted by SALT.agency


Conference for search marketing lovers

SEJ eSummit

Conference about SEO, PPC, Social and Content Marketing

Search Love Conference – San Diego

SEO conference by brainlabs (formerly distilled)

SMX Next
by Search Engine Land

Virtual SEO conference hosted by S.E.L.

Looking for an Online Marketing Agency?

In the global comparison, most of Germany lags far behind in terms of online marketing. However, if you’re looking for a rather atypical online marketing agency in Germany that measures up to international standards, contact us.

Seeking a Job in Online Marketing?

svaerm is an employer that challenges its employees with exciting projects and provides excellent opportunities for continuous learning. Check out our job offers here.


For anyone looking to learn SEO, we highly recommend the following courses – some are free, some require payment. They are also part of our internal professional development programs.

SEO Blueprint by DETAILED

SEO Blueprint is a fledged SEO framework and exclusive community focused on taking search engine rankings to the next level.

To the course

The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity

A proven, test-backed blueprint for ranking, monetizing, and flipping high-competition affiliate websites.

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Evergreen Media – YouTube Channel

The largest German-speaking YouTube channel on SEO, run by Alexander Rus. You can access the videos for free, but German language skills are required to understand them.

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If you want to learn SEO, you’ll need not only application-oriented conferences and courses but also practical experience in an online marketing job.

Many passionate online marketers started as influencers or affiliates. Some pursue side hustles like running a blog or a YouTube channel alongside their main work.

Whether you’re working as a marketing employee in an agency or a company or as a self-employed online marketer, in an environment where ever-changing algorithms determine visibility, real-time project experience is irreplaceable.