Online Marketing Agency

Online Marketing Agency

Concepts that fly

We critically analyse briefings and think from the perspective of your brand. If something doesn’t work, we come to you with a counter proposal. svaerm works alongside you as a constructive sparring partner.

Passion for growth

More reach, more followers, more brand recognition, more views, more downloads, more purchases:
We love growth with quality and create an environment where the community will naturally swarm to your brand.

Online marketing with a clear vision

All our planning for you includes a practical test drive. Monitoring and agile processes are absolutely key. We protect and respect what already works and optimize what doesn’t.

Steffen Mai Geschaeftsfuehrer svaerm

If you want to translate the value and characteristic identity of your brand into the digital world and make it fit for the present and future, svaerm is your ideal partner – whether at home in Frankfurt or across the globe.

Tried-and-tested strategies, contemporary design, content with added value and providing users with what they are looking for are our lifeblood. We want to grow with our customers. The success stories of our B2B and B2C customers demonstrate that the concept works.

Steffen Mai
Managing director of svaerm

Contacting svaerm, the online marketing agency in Frankfurt

Maxim Bollig
Digital Marketing Manager
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Johanna Fertig
Digital Marketing Manager
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Local impact in Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is a flourishing business and financial centre in the heart of Europe, which is why our references include numerous local clients from Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

In addition to major corporations such as Messe Frankfurt and financial players such as Prime Capital and Union Investment many smaller companies have also settled here. With its head office located in the creative hub of Frankfurt – Hanauer Landstrasse in Frankfurt East – the online marketing agency svaerm benefits from numerous partnerships and synergies with specialist online marketing agencies.

svaerm is a reliable employer and offers a range of marketing jobs in Frankfurt. It is part of our Unternehmensphilosophiethat we invest in our employees and cultivate flat hierarchies.

Marketing decision makers simply love svaerm

Katrin Gugl, Business Coach

Agentur svaerm


“A highly professional agency. From the initial contact through the actual assignment and complete management of the job, you work with empathetic professionals. […]“

Kathrin Gugl,
Business Coach

Margit Herberth, Messe Frankfurt

Social Ads für Frankfurter Messe-Trio


“The agency advised us very well and translated our objectives into a digital campaign strategy. […]”

Margit Herberth,
Messe Frankfurt