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As an agency for video production and film production in Frankfurt am Main, we have been working in an interdisciplinary way for over 20 years with demanding clients such as Messe Frankfurt, BMW, Mini, Union Investment, Prime Capital and Kuraray.

Film projects are our absolute passion. Our name stands for maximum individuality, leading marketing competence, the most modern understanding of design and, of course, high-end technology.

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Products & references: From Frankfurt and all over the world

Premium corporate film

Corporate films are under the self-inflicted pressure of having to reinvent themselves. Marketing clichés, hackneyed phrases and known stock footage have worn themselves out for good. In order for corporate films to develop their identity-creating effect, film and video production companies have to come up with something.

How does the characterization of the company or brand, the differentiation from the competition, the departure from anonymity, the expression of values work? There is no universal solution. Rather, the solution is as individual as your company – and finding it is our creative task.

A corporate film is a long-term investment. On the corporate website, in press relations, or accompanying a trade show appearance, it should build trust and position your company as a reliable partner to all target groups. Unlike a campaign or a commercial, there is no defined expiration date or special focus on a single product or service from your portfolio.

To make sure your target groups don’t lose interest after seeing it once, we work with impressive emotionality, contemporary storytelling and epic high-end quality in 4K.

Maximum playback time, dramaturgy and moments that invite you to return. An advertising message, but without a superficial advertorial character. These are the success factors for organic reach, brand recall and achieving conversion goals. With a broad portfolio of unique voice talent and many years of project experience, we are ideally equipped to meet your requirements and objectives.

24 hour corporate film

Corporate film, but fast? If the project conditions require it, we can create image films within 24 hours from the start of shooting. Good pre-production and our first-class project management pave the way for agile and focused video and film production under particular time pressure.

We coordinate the script, editing technique, music and/or voice talent with you in advance. Our film crew appears well briefed on site and works determinedly towards an efficient realization. With our mobile technology, we shoot and edit at the highest level – in any location.

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Product video

Staging products and increasing their desirability: that is the core task of product videos. In addition, they can fulfill many other functions:

  • Explaining the benefits or the use of a product
  • Minimizing return shipments
  • Generating new customers
  • Mobilizing existing customers
  • Maximizing time on site
  • Generating links from other websites
  • Improving organic reach on social media

Depending on the objectives, film production or video production proceeds differently. Some products require explanation and benefit from a narrator delivering information in a compact and accessible way. Others are emotional or humorous and require a high level of storytelling. Most product videos have a conversion goal and need a CTA (call to action). However, some work better without, for example if the accompanying text contains appropriate CTAs.

There is also a wide range of possible applications:

  • Online: website, email marketing, YouTube, social media…
  • For events: presentations, trade fairs, press appointments, cultural events…
  • All year round: in the field service, at the company site, in retail, television, movie theaters, installations…

However, there are some general best practices. Mobile optimization is always recommended, so that image content is recognizable even on small screens or from a distance. Videos with spoken content benefit from (optional) subtitles so that they can be understood without sound. Finally, maximizing average view duration is the absolute priority.

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Trade fair film & event film

As a strategic partner and full-service agency, we work intensively with Messe Frankfurt and its exhibitors. Exhibition halls and stands are our second home and a projection surface for our filmic creativity.

In addition to corporate films and product videos, we are also commissioned for live reporting and post-reporting of special presentations.

Whether you are a trade fair or event organizer yourself or are looking for a partner to document your trade fair visit or stand in a high-quality and entertaining way – your search ends here. Video production and film production at trade fairs, whether for B2B or B2C, is one of our core competencies. Convince yourself with our references or directly in a personal consultation!


Maximum authenticity, interaction and a feeling of being up close and personal: that’s what makes livestreams so special compared to pre-recorded film productions. On top of that, it enables those who can’t be on site to attend – whether publicly or via password-protected access.

To us as an online marketing agency, livestreams are particularly important. With our small, interdisciplinary teams and smart technology, we can go live anywhere there is a stable internet connection.

And even in zones without Wi-Fi, we stream – with a small delay -– thanks to our “fake live” technology and make it look like a live broadcast to the viewer. Additionally, this protects us and you from outages and the effects of circumstances that can’t be controlled.  We recommend the “fake live” format whenever there is no continuous need for live interaction with the viewers.

Our mobile teams consist of a project manager and lighting technician in one person, a director of photography and art director in another, and the moderator. More interdisciplinarity is not possible – this is how we ensure agility and a good cost-benefit ratio.

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Premiere film

The “premiere film” format turns the broadcast into a live event, increases the sense of exclusivity, and promotes interaction between the sender and the community. Countdowns and notifications create the necessary suspense in advance.

The platform for this is provided by YouTube, but the functionality can also be replicated or purchased from other providers if required, for example to achieve additional exclusivity, password protection or the like.

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Expert interview & employer branding video

Depending on the subject-specific depth, it is impossible to be an expert in all industries yourself. As a content marketing agency, it is therefore part of our daily business to produce interview-based videos and films that inform, entertain and meet conversion objectives. This also includes employer branding videos.

Before creating the actual video interviews, we get in contact with the experts (employer branding: employees), immerse ourselves in their subject matter, and create briefings, lists of questions, and scripts in order to do justice to the short attention span of users in digital media. We see conceptual and editorial work on the interview message in advance as a special added value for our clients. This is the only way we can routinely deliver high-end film productions.

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Recording of talks and lectures

Video and film production also means to preserve events and happenings after they have taken place. Making talks or lectures accessible to additional target groups, providing them to interested listeners for in-depth study or broadcasting them online in times of the pandemic is part of our craft.

A talk that you attend live is much more engaging and offers less distraction than an unedited recording that you watch on your computer or smartphone. Our job is to make the recording more attractive with the right choice of camera angles, editing, overlays, animations and useful reduction to maximize viewing time.

Our challenge is getting as much useful footage out of as little hardware as possible. 4K recording and B-roll are an important factor in keeping viewers’ attention high during recorded lectures and stage events. However, the costs for hardware rental and personnel must not get out of hand.

On behalf of an e-learning platform for the retail industry, we have recorded numerous stage lectures. Let us talk about your project and your empirical values.

Video for social media

On social media, videos have a decisive advantage over texts and images: According to research by databox, users who want to understand the basic message of a post have to linger for a few seconds on videos, while texts and images can be scrolled past more quickly. This increases the interaction rate and those who already interact are more likely to convert to a fan or website visitor.

All the better if the video has an appealing title and an attention-grabbing, mobile-optimized thumbnail, which in combination form a value proposition and arouse curiosity. As long as the user’s expectation is satisfied, the precious attention of your target group is secured for the time being.

We know the users’ requirements in online media, and platform-specific peculiarities from our daily business. 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 are fundamentally different formats that require different shooting and post-production techniques. Each social network supports different video duration corridors, resolutions, and file formats.

With us as your video and film production agency for social media, you won’t need to bother about all of that. You can focus entirely on your day-to-day business while we take care of your videos. Just ask us!

Testimonial video

In our fast-paced, digital world, filmed customer testimonials, edited into a “testimonial video,” are an ideal format for building trust. In the decision process whether to buy or not to buy a product, testimonials can make the difference. Videos generate more attention than texts and films. They emotionalize and increase the duration of stay or interaction.

Testimonial videos are optimized for the user behavior of online target groups and can be used in a variety of ways: on the homepage of the company website, on landing pages, in online shops, on social media or they can be shared on USB sticks at various offline events, for example trade fairs or press events.

Our target group personas ensure that all customer typologies have their voices heard and that as many viewers as possible identify with at least one person shown in the video. Our interview questions elicit authentic, press-effective statements from your customers that help turning your online visitors into customers.

Corporate animation

Moving beyond the boundaries of live-action film, animated videos communicate messages in a compact and entertaining way. Whether explanatory or emotional, animation can be used in a variety of ways.

It’s impossible to depict the entire range of techniques of this medium, so we’ll settle for two examples: A recent job, that works specifically with pictograms and our very first corporate animation for MINI, which aired 18 years ago. We had it, even back then. 😉

Do you want to know if we are the right production company for your corporate animation? Send us an email or give us a call.

Marketing the videos

To make the most of our services as a film and video production agency, we recommend that to most our clients investing advertising budget in online advertising. The more potential customers see your video, the lower is the cost per view – in which you should always include the production costs.

To increase impressions and views, we run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. Alternatively, the video can be embedded in a website that is promoted either search engine optimized or via PPC (pay per click).

Our campaign management will gladly advise you.

Your benefits with svaerm

Video and film production with a strategic perspective

Interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists

High-End videos in 4K

Excellent conception, direction & composition

Turn viewers into customers

First-class project management, on time & on budget

Our process for video and film production

A free initial consultation is the prelude to a video and film production. We develop a common understanding of your project and ask you about objective, target group, message and desired tone. We discuss where the video should be used and talk about possible marketing channels and metrics. Following the consultation, you will receive a non-binding, transparent quote.

With a good pre-production, we can avoid time-consuming corrections or retakes and deliver results at the highest level even under special project circumstances (e.g. a tight timeline, a challenging location or prominent actors). Depending on the complexity of the project, we develop a customized mood board, storyboard and/or script, and coordinate them with you in advance. Depending on the timeline, we may bring forward individual steps of the production process: e.g. the coordination of the soundtrack or the preview of custom-made sounds, or the coordination of the editing technique. We are happy to either support or take care of the selection of locations, casting of actors and procurement of props.

As a small production company with an interdisciplinary network of experts and few, but all the more intensive customer relationships, svaerm offers you the ideal conditions to realize projects of any size in a highly individual way. From agile teams with two to three specialists and portable, smart equipment to extensive set construction with VIP support, sound and lighting technology, computer animation and on-site post-production, we can provide everything that is appropriate for your project.

On the set, everything has to go smoothly: Briefing, make-up, equipment, set construction, props, respectful and safe handling of the location and the people on site. Our first-class project management organizes the complete video and film production in close coordination with you and, if necessary, other service providers. Our shooting and editing team ensures an impressive image and the right pace and weight to the scenes, while technology and direction create precise, smooth processes. Depending on the project, some of the above functions may be omitted or concentrated on a few people in order to stay on time and on budget.

Post-production is where the magic happens: color grading, editing, special effects and sound design transform the raw footage into a finished film that informs, entertains, emotionalizes or invites the viewer to take action or to convert. Supporting graphics, animation, subtitles, opening and closing credits, lower thirds, and other stylistic elements can be created and incorporated.

Depending on the project, we send you a rough cut as well as a preview for editing technique and sound in this phase. Sometimes this is already done in pre-production for time-critical projects, or there is a combined coordination of multiple films. Our project management team will advise you on the most suitable approach on a case-by-case basis.

For optimal results, the software we use includes Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition. Thanks to our well-organized data backup and industry-standard tools, you don't have to depend on a single provider and can continue working with the material in-house at any time.

From a performance marketing perspective, the value of a video consists of its conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and number of views. Even though videos can do much more and should not be reduced to these metrics, you should still keep an eye on them. Therefore: whether embedding in a search engine optimized website, PPC, social media or organic optimization for YouTube – the entire repertoire of online marketing measures is available for your project.

What our customers from Frankfurt and around the world say:

I found working with this agency a really great experience and can only recommend them.

Valda Goodfellow,
Managing Director at G&G

svaerm filmed my talk on NeuroPricing at Ambiente 2020. They did a great job, summarized the most important parts of the lecture and presented them professionally on YouTube. Thank you very much!!!

Kai-Markus Müller,

Very professional team – great work, thoroughly prepared!

Andreas Reiter,

A highly professional agency. Here, you’ll work with empathetic professionals from the initial contact and the actual assignment to the final realization. The agency was hired by Messe Frankfurt for the recording and editing of two of my presentations, and the shooting and completion of an interview. Both assignments were completed at a high level, I thank you very much for the great, also humorous cooperation!

Katrin Gugl,
Business coach


Johanna Fertig
Digital Marketing Manager
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