Premiere film: Christmasworld and Paperworld Trends


With a premiere film on YouTube, you can publish pre-produced video content with a live character. Better safe than sorry!

Our deliverables

  • Concept
  • Location scouting
  • Production management
  • Art direction and set design
  • Direction
  • Editing & post-production
  • Translation & captions
  • Publishing a “premiere” on YouTube

Every year, Frankfurt-based stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano is commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to compile the international trends in decoration, stationery and office supplies and then present them live to an excited trade audience at Christmasworld and Paperworld in Frankfurt.

Titled “Together”, a trend show was thus created for the pandemic-dominated 2021/22 season, that addresses the challenges facing the industries today and at the same time casts an optimistic look into the future.

With the physical event not taking place in early 2021 due to COVID-19, an alternative format was needed that would bring the live event character of a trade show visit to the home screen. As an experienced video production agency in Frankfurt, we started brainstorming right away.

To add some analog touch to the constant screentime we’re all facing right now, we decided to stage the lecture with a behind-the-scenes look at a studio setting and to feature the presentation as a projection in-camera.

We researched mood images and designed a mock-up to coordinate the concept with the client. After the approval, we started to look for a suitable location and found Westside Studios in Frankfurt.

After a successful shoot and with the lecture being aimed also at international audiences, we translated it in-house and created captions.

The YouTube format “premiere”

The YouTube format “premiere” gives on the opportunity to make pre-produced content look like a live stream. In an accompanying chat, users can comment, converse or interact with the chat moderator.

Notifications remind users of an upcoming broadcast, and a countdown that starts 2 minutes before the video goes live increases the suspense. After the broadcast, the video and the accompanying chat are still available – unless you remove them to retroactively increase the exclusivity.

Actual live streams have their pitfalls, because many things can go wrong. If a technical problem occurs and you can’t get a handle on it in the heat of the moment, viewers quickly bail out. So why not preproduce? If there is no real-time interaction planned between the onscreen person and the viewers, you should definitely play it safe.

Compared to a live stream, you’re always safe with a YouTube premiere!

Are you interested in this format? Get in contact and we will discuss your ideas!


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