Ambiente Corporate Film


Corporate films: generic and old school? Not necessarily! Our script, text, voice casting and sound design for Ambiente provide differentiation.

Our deliverables

  • Concept
  • Storyboard
  • Corporate film script
  • Shooting
  • Art direction
  • Corporate film texts
  • Voice casting
  • Voice recording
  • Editing & post production
  • Sound design

The Ambiente corporate film “A Beautiful Place” atmospherically captures the events of the world’s most important fair for consumer goods.

Storytelling and poetry slam captivate the viewer and tone down the promotional character that is often associated with corporate films.

The fair’s expertise on design and business is presented in all its glory.

The voice talent was cast by the agency and performs the English- as well as the German-language version. The accompanying sound design has been tailor-made.

Often copied – yet never matched: Our competition cast our voice talent for the corporate film of another fair. Too bad, because this compromises the differentiation between the brands of Messe Frankfurt and is without prior consultation no way to behave anyway. But what are you gonna do? We just take it as a compliment to our art direction.

Corporate film text

“What welcomes you like a warm hug?
What tickles your dimples and lightens you up?
What’s the most cozy and cuddly thing?
What brings awakening spirits in spring?

What brings people closer and invites everyone?
Which stories are shared over a good glass of wine?
What puts your portraits in the perfect frame?
Where is exploring and sensing the same?

What makes glamour a part of your life?
What is the trend for the latest designs?
What gives your day the finishing touch?
What makes you love your sweet home so much?

What makes every day seem like a gift?
When do you take your time and just drift?
What’s breathing new life into familiar views?
What is this riddle’s solution for you?

What is relaxing and easy and gentle?
What is this thing that the world calls ‘Ambiente’?
Is it a place or a feeling to you?
It might be a tale, but we tell you it’s true.”


Sammy Sojka
Consulting and
project management
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