Using Linktree on Instagram


Instagram users – particularly those who use Instagram for business – are well aware of this issue: The problem is that you can only put one link in your Instagram bio. So what do you do if you want to add more than a single link? Links in posts are not clickable and the swipe up feature only works in Instagram stories if you have 10k followers or more. The link in the bio is therefore often the only way to guide your fans to your website, your online shop, an interesting blog or to sign up for your newsletter.

Linktree offers a solution to this problem. In this post, you will learn how to use Linktree and how to set it up, the benefits of using it, but also the disadvantages and risks involved. Let’s get started!

Visual comparison of two instagram profiles, with and without linktree.

Setting up Linktree in 4 easy steps

Installing and setting up Linktree is quick and easy:

Step 1:

Go to linktree and register with a username and password. Choose a name for your link. We recommend using the name of the company or profile, e.g. (see image above)

Step 2:

There are two different Linktree packages available. The free package meets most people’s needs. However, if you want to customise the look of the landing page created by Linktree, you can use the PRO package for $6 a month.

Step 3:

To which websites do you want to direct your fans? You can easily create new boxes using the “Add New Link” button. Enter the link and give the box a title. If a link is no longer valid or is only valid for a certain period of time (e.g. each summer), you can temporarily deactivate the box at any time. Linktree always displays in parallel the look of the landing page. It is also possible to link your other social media channels, e.g. Facebook or YouTube.

It will then look like this:

A screenshot displays the interface of linktree while a smartphone illustrates what people see in the mobile presentation.

Step 4:

You can now simply copy the link and insert it in your Instagram bio.

Linktree sounds great, but there are hidden dangers

The benefits are clear, but what about the downsides?

Data privacy:

How secure is Linktree? Linktree is not a European company, nor is it part of the EU Privacy Shield. It tracks clicks and links etc. It also causes unease among data privacy legal eagles.


On the one hand, it is good to be able to offer the user a selection of links; on the other hand, this means that access to your own website is an additional click away. So, if users jump to Linktree, you as website operator gain nothing because no traffic arrives on your site.

Brand awareness / design:

Linktree, of course, does not allow as much in the way of design as a website would. You can adjust the colours of the boxes and the background – that’s about it.

Are there alternatives to Linktree?

We recommend that companies – particularly larger enterprises and organisations – that do not want to take risks in this area should create their own landing page on their own website. Following the design of Linktree should keep the programming input within reasonable limits – and also allows you to enjoy the benefits without having any of the downsides.

Do you have any experience with using Linktree? Or do you already use other tools for this purpose? Feel free to share your experiences with us!


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