Ambiente Trends – a 360° Perspective


Our deliverables

  • Planning
  • Art direction
  • Production
  • Microsite programming
  • Publishing
  • Social media posts and ads

The Ambiente Trends are a special presentation at the world’s largest consumer goods trade fair – where the major international styles and trends are showcased.

Instead of being visible just during the short period of the fair itself, the 360° virtual tour makes the Trends available throughout the year – in razor-sharp visual quality and with powerful zoom capabilities on mobile devices.

Despite the high-quality visual display, it is extremely lightweight with short loading times, intuitive navigation and low data consumption.

The potential applications are almost unlimited. For example:

  • Long-term archiving of trade fair stands, exhibitions and showrooms
  • Displaying processes and value creation across the globe, ensuring plant security
  • Leasing or selling real estate and event locations
  • Insights into and personal reviews of gastronomy and retail
  • Employer branding – giving a preview of the workplace

Your benefit:
You decide what you present in the tour – show off your best side!


Maxim Bollig
Digital Marketing Manager
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