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At, Kuraray introduces its packaging materials. Informative blog content is generating visibility on Google and B2B leads.

The Japanese international specialty chemicals company Kuraray produces high-performance materials for a broad range of applications. Paper and Plastic Packaging, hereinafter referred to as “Packaging”, is a new business segment of Kuraray.

Kuraray has hired svaerm to develop the new, first-time web presence for their Packaging communications – with the purpose to generate online visibility and new B2B leads.

svaerm’s web design for


svaerm has launched an individually programmed WordPress website on the subdomain Its design is based on the new Kuraray CI.

The benefit of the subdomain: It inherits the domain authority of its main domain. Domain authority is a KPI measured by SEO tools which ranges from 0 (weakest) to 100 (strongest). It indicates the strength of a domain’s backlink profile.

In our experience, webpages with a high domain authority gain their visibility in Google more easily. In this way, regarding link earning and link building, website operators can build upon past success and won’t have to start anew.

Thus, we have recommended Kuraray to set up a subdomain instead of a new domain: While the latter may appear tempting for building an autonomous presence of the new business segment from a communications perspective, it is not a good idea to forfeit the domain authority of 44 that could be inherited from

SEO content about paper and plastic packaging

The purpose of the text on the homepage of is to position Kuraray as an innovative and sustainable raw materials partner for packaging practitioners. Unlike the blog posts, it is not an SEO text.

On most websites, especially those of large corporations, not every text is an SEO text optimized to rank in Google for certain search terms. There needs to be a sensible ratio between SEO content and non-SEO content for other purposes.

Kuraray produces high-performance and sustainable raw materials for paper and plastic packaging for various applications, such as food and pet feed.

The SEO craftsmanship is happening in the blog of the Packaging website. There, specialist articles in English and German are tailored around the information needs of B2B leads from the Google search.

Users can read about various industry topics. Check out the following examples.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)

Our article on modified atmosphere packaging explains how the shelf life of perishable food can be increased by adding a harmless gas mix into the package. In addition, it illustrates the exceptional value Kuraray’s materials add to MAP packaging.


MOSH and MOAH are chemical compounds that are suspected to be toxic. They can stem from packaging or other sources and contaminate food. To protect consumers, food manufacturers have to comply with certain limits for MOSH and MOAH. Our specialist article informs the readers about this and showcases the protective function of Kuraray’s materials.

Thermoplastic starch (TPS)

Thermoplastic starch (TPS) is a bio-based plastic, which can replace fossil-based plastics in certain applications. Our article introduces TPS as a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging materials and Kuraray as a suitable procurement source.

Objectives and parameters

Our content marketing is about making Kuraray visible in the Google search of adequate specialist target audiences. Due to their search queries, these target audiences already have concrete information needs, which closely relate to the market positioning of our client.

In a few cases, these information needs go beyond the topics Kuraray’s products and services cover. For example, Kuraray does not sell protective gases. Nonetheless, the article on MAP packaging has to include a few basics about gases to rank in Google. In turn, there is a section introducing Kuraray’s products – in comprehensive detail and in direct context with the topic of the article.

Our content marketing makes Kuraray visible in Google, even without the use of paid advertisement. The objective is to generate concrete business inquiries and B2B leads.

Our methodology

To identify adequate specialist topics and understand the content and structure of an SEO article that ranks in Google, svaerm employs a particular research method.

This method is called search intent hierarchy analysis (SIHA). SIHA is a practice-proven analytical process to conceptualize promising SEO content.

With the SIHA method, svaerm has been conducting successful content marketing on behalf of various renowned companies for many years.

Contact for business

If you too are interested in becoming visible in the Google search of your specialist target audiences, please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form. After receiving initial written information, we will be happy to advise you by phone.


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