Website relaunch: Kuraray Elastomer


svaerm implemented the relaunch of the Elastomer website of the Kuraray chemicals company. New: Redesign in terms of CI, navigation, CMS and content.


With this before-and-after comparison you can judge our design expertise for yourself:

Before-and-after comparison of Kuraray's old website and the redesign by svaerm.
Before-and-after comparison of Kuraray's old website and the redesign by svaerm.
Before-and-after comparison of Kuraray's old website and the redesign by svaerm.
Before-and-after comparison of Kuraray's old website and the redesign by svaerm. is the first Kuraray website to fully incorporate the new Strichpunkt design concept.

Taking the atom – the basic building block of chemistry – as its reference point, the screen design is decorated with circular elements and grids. Modern illustrations lighten up the clean look and act as emotive images.

Clearly laid-out tables facilitate knowledge transfer of specialist content. The photography and choice of images give the specialty chemicals website a distinct identity.

Carmen Mundt, Marketing Referentin, Kuraray Europe GmbH

“The Kuraray Elastomer website appears more emotional and human in its new look. svaerm did an excellent job translating the CI elements into a screen design for desktops and mobiles.”

Carmen Mundt,
Marketing Officer, Kuraray Europe GmbH

The new website is completely mobile responsive, i.e. it can be used on desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones in various window sizes. It is not necessary to maintain a separate mobile site.

Toyoaki Kurihara,
 Marketing Manager, Kuraray Co., Ltd., Elastomer Division

“Thank you very much for your great job. We – all elastomer colleagues – are very happy to launch the excellent site and expect to utilize it on digital marketing activities. Personally, as a visitor, it’s really good to improve the mobile interface.”

Toyoaki Kurihara,
Marketing Manager, Kuraray Co., Ltd., Elastomer Division

Flexibility for client processes

At svaerm, we attach great importance to customization and flexibly adapting to the individual specifications and processes of our clients.

The editorial copywriting for the technical product and application pages, blog posts and corporate pages – e.g. the Sustainability page – requires a complex process of coordination.

In order for an internal Kuraray team of experts and the headquarters in Japan to provide feedback and approval, all web pages must first be laid out as a PDF document, including graphics and illustrations.

The internal coordination processes are different for each client. We are happy to adapt our working methods in collaboration with your company.

Would you like to know what a layout PDF looks like?

To illustrate our way of working, we are happy to send interested companies one of our layout PDFs, provided the associated website has already been published or the project is not subject to a confidentiality agreement. If you are interested, please contact us.

CMS switch from Typo3 to WordPress

Typo3 is a robust content management system that is used by many companies in the German market. It is considered particularly secure and stable even under large data loads.

However, it requires specialist knowledge and long familiarization periods to operate and maintain Typo3 websites. Special requirements have to be met by adding costly extensions that are often individually programmed.

The Kuraray team would like to maintain its website itself in order to publish new products, new fields of application and current research throughout the year. Website maintenance must be timely and cost-efficient across 4 regions.

In addition, the website serves as a tool for an SEO-focused inbound marketing strategy. The market-leading CMS WordPress is better suited than Typo3 (article coming soon) for both objectives.

Because of our expertise and references, the svaerm WordPress agency was commissioned not only with the visual redesign of the website, but also with its redevelopment in WordPress.

We prepared user-defined templates, created interfaces to SalesForce / Pardot and programmed various specialist solutions with a high degree of customization – such as the “Contact Sticky” for ease of contact.

Content and navigation

In order to generate traffic and leads, the website content and navigation were optimized to the relevant search intent and user behavior of decision makers from the specialty chemicals industry.

By using a search intent hierarchy analysis (SIHA) approach, important pages on the Kuraray Elastomer website should gain increased Google visibility. You can find out more on our page “SEO and Content Marketing Campaign for Kuraray Elastomer”.

Contact for business

Are you planning a website relaunch or a similar online marketing project? We would be delighted to look into your individual project requirements. Regardless of the industry sector in which you operate, we will provide you with an individually tailored quotation.

Please contact us by e-mail or via the contact form. After this initial written contact, we will be able to advise you by phone.


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Digital Marketing Manager
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