Ambiente Trends 2021 – studio recording


Transfer a stage presentation into digital? Animate keynote slides? Corona requires new ways of presentation.

Our deliverables

  • Concept
  • Scouting of the shooting location
  • Storyboard & mockups
  • Direction & shooting
  • Film editing & post production
  • Sound design

For many years now, the stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has been curating the Ambiente Trends. The trends are staged on site at the Ambiente trade fair as a special presentation using various exhibitor products. Additionally, they are discussed on stage in front of many interested trade fair visitors.

However, in 2021 and for a single time, the Ambiente trade fair could not take place due to Corona. The way of presenting the trends had to be rethought and made digitally available. The video recording was intended to emphasize the design competence of the Ambiente trade fair and to show that, despite the difficult situation of the pandemic, trends had been identified that the consumer goods industry could use as a guide. This way, Ambiente could still live up to its claim as the leading international trade fair.

For the recording of the trends, we prepared a storyboard, scouted various locations and created mockups to define a look in consultation with Messe Frankfurt.

A digital presentation offers a lot of advantages compared to an analog stage presentation:

  • More design options: From green screen to animated color gradients and animations.
  • Multilingualism: For example, the video can be recorded in English and German.
  • Availability: By recording the presentation, not only on site visitors have the opportunity to learn about the trends, but the video is available to anyone interested – across national borders and time zones.
  • Marketing: The video can also be used on all social media channels, in newsletters and on websites to promote Ambiente.
  • Specific accentuation and dramaturgy: Through sound design and editing, a certain atmosphere can be created, that operated with a high level of business tonality and professionalism.

You want that too? Just write us! We are experts in video production and will also find the right format for your goals.


That’s what our customer says

“I would like to thank you once again for such a pleasant and absolutely uncomplicated cooperation during the recordings of the trend lectures for Messe Frankfurt and for the continuously very good contributions on the topic of trends to the Ambiente Blog. Working with such a constantly committed, competent and highly professional team is truly a pleasure. And the results speak for themselves. I am very much looking forward to further collaboration!”

Annetta Palmisano,
stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

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