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Run Facebook ads and achieve your individual marketing goal with the Facebook ads agency svaerm.

More reach, more interactions, more revenue: Facebook ads are among the most powerful growth tools – provided they are used correctly.

At svaerm, we see ourselves as a holistic consultant and success-driven growth partner. As an interdisciplinary Facebook ads agency with many years of experience, we have the professional qualifications to achieve your marketing goals on the platform with the currently highest advertising reach. 

Successfully implemented projects with well-known clients, such as Messe Frankfurt and the German Designer Club, show that the success of social media marketing is based on the interdisciplinary cooperation of experienced specialists.

Benefit from the expertise of the Facebook ads agency svaerm and help your advertising to more success.


Advantages of Facebook ads

With around 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the global leader among social media platforms (statista, 2023). However, it’s not only used by individuals. For numerous companies, Facebook is a powerful communication and marketing tool.

The average click-through rate (CTR) of around 1% and the comparatively low cost per click (CPC) make Facebook ads an effective advertising format. Compared to traditional advertising, the minimum investment is significantly lower and can be precisely targeted and tracked.

A successful placement of Facebook ads and their performance marketing can turn out to be a complex process, not only for beginners. Current circumstances, such as Apple’s latest update affecting data collection from iOS devices (iOS14), can make the path to marketing goals more challenging. Nevertheless, running Facebook ads is a profitable online marketing strategy with attractive benefits. We, the Facebook ads agency svaerm, will be happy to help you recognize these advantages and use them for yourself.

Reaching the relevant target group

Reduction of scattering loss

Increase of (brand) awareness 

Engagement with your brand

Increase of online sales

Qualified lead generation in B2B and B2C

In particular the direct targeting of the audience is to be highlighted as an attractive advantage. Why?

Target audience

Facebook algorithm already tries to identify users who are interested in the distributed product, services or content. However, it is possible to further define the target audience. There are three types of target audiences:

  • The “Saved Audience”, which is determined on the basis of location, demographics, interests, behavior and other criteria
  • The “Lookalike Audience“, which reaches potential customers within a specific target area who are similar to an existing target audience. These can be users who follow one of your fan pages or visitors to one of your websites that have been tracked by the Facebook Pixel and have given their consent for privacy-compliant tracking.
  • The “Custom Audience“, which consists of know user groups and includes users who have interacted with content of your company in the past, such as leaving a like or a comment. The Custom Audience can be used when creating a Lookalike Audience.

We, the Facebook ads agency svaerm, work with the Facebook Pixel and can create suitable audiences of all kinds for (almost) every industry. Actions taken on your website are measured in a more differentiated way and website visitors are targeted more specifically.

With the right target audience, the first step towards campaign goal achievement is done.

Campaign goal

The campaign goal is very individual and can be the following:

  • Awareness. The goal is to reach a wide audience or increase brand awareness.
  • Traffic. The goal is to generate link clicks (no pixel required) or landing page views (requires pixel). Users are redirected to your website, app, or Facebook event.
  • Interactions. The goal is to receive messages, video views or likes. Increasing fan growth is also possible with the engagement objective, such as gaining more Facebook fans through Page like ads.
  • Lead generation. The goal is to collect contact information from people interested in your company, campaign or product using web forms. Users can fill out the form without leaving Facebook, reducing barriers: Collect contact information without a landing page: With Facebook lead ads.
  • Conversions. The goal is to encourage users to take direct actions. Conversions are tracked when the user interacts with your ad, such as making an online purchase or subscribing to a newsletter.
  • Video views. The goal is to achieve video views.
  • App downloads. The goal is to get frequent downloads of your app. This goal is especially worthwhile for an app launch.

Format and placement

The next step is to choose the format and placement. Regardless of the format or placement you choose, our strategic approach to creatives and design expertise will achieve high relevance score and create an emotional connection between the target audience and your product.

Good to know

The relevance score is an internal Facebook metric that is measured individually for each ad and is based on user signals. Ads with a high relevance score are played more often for the same budget investment.


  • Image ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Instant experience ads
  • Collection ads
  • Brand recall ads with survey
  • Facebook lead ads


  • Stories
  • Feed 
  • Video feeds
  • Reels
  • Search results
  • In-Stream-Video
  • Marketplace
  • Business explore
  • right column
  • Profile feed
  • Feed
  • Stories
  • Explore
Messenger Stories
Audience Network
  • Rewarded video
  • Native
  • Interstitial

Why we are the right agency for Facebook ads:

From setting up your account to reporting and optimization – as an agile and trusted Facebook ads agency for B2B and B2C, we will be with you every step of the way, always focusing on managing, maintaining and improving your Facebook ads account.

We optimize the performance of your ads and support you in achieving your individual marketing goal. To do this, we have established a structured process: For re-optimization, the sensible use of your budget is decisive. In a test phase, we first work with a small budget and determine which tests offer the greatest growth in order to gain the clout to make your online marketing project a success in the subsequent growth phase.

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Facebook lead ads for our client Ambiente


1. definition of marketing goals. What exactly should be the goal of your online marketing strategy? As your comprehensive partner for online marketing, we will find the answer and plan your campaign.

2. start of the cooperation. During an initial non-binding consultation, you can get an idea of our team and we can learn about the structures of your project and your company. Requirements and expectations will be expressed and discussed.

3. technical setup. We set up your advertising account, establish GDPR-compliant partner access and build initial campaigns.

4. audience research. Operational measures also include precise audience targeting. 

5. budget planning. We are also happy to advise you on the sensible and targeted use of your budget. 

6. detailed reporting & feedback loop. Our work does not end with the publication of the campaign. As a Facebook Ads agency, it begins here. By constantly monitoring advertising performance, we optimize your campaign and keep you informed with detailed reports. With the selective use of A-B tests, we generate sustainable growth and holistically improve your performance.


As a flexible Facebook ads agency, we charge on a project basis. Depending on the project, it is also possible to agree on contingents. We are happy to provide more detailed information about the various models and create a customized and transparent offer for you, ensuring you stay on track with your planning and budget.

Would you like something more?

Together with our sister agency Mai Commnications, we support some of our clients not only in online marketing, but also offline and multichannel. Learn more about svaerm as a full-service agency.

Our project successes:

Ambiente Social Media


Since the start of the campaign, the number of potential trade visitors among the fans of the world’s largest B2B consumer goods fair has increased more than sevenfold, reaching over 400,000.

To the project

DDC Social Media

Deutscher Designer Club

The DDC engages design students and young designers in the DACH region through their fan page. During the campaign, the number of fans doubled.

To the project

Conzoom Solutions

Conzoom Solutions

The fan page of the retail magazine has received over 3,000 “Likes” from the European retail industry. Page like ads have been in use since its establishment.

To the project

Social Ads für Frankfurter Messe-Trio


Thanks to our Page like ads campaign, hundreds of additional floral designers have joined the Christmasworld community.

To the project

Facebook ads experience of our clients

Robin Conrad, Kuraray Europe GmbH, Elastomer Division

svaerm has exceeded all expectations.

Robin Conrad,
Marketing & CRM, Kuraray Europe GmbH, Elastomer Division

Margit Herberth, Messe Frankfurt

The agency provided us with excellents advice and translated our objectives into a digital campaign strategy. It was important for us to follow the entire course of the project and the precise targeting of Facebook ads to the selected audiences. Our wishes were taken into account – thank you for the continuous communication, great project management and comprehensive reporting.

Margit Herberth,
Messe Frankfurt

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