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Are you also burning for your business, but nobody takes notice of your great products or services? Because your website is simply invisible or visitors click away immediately. Very often, it’s because the texts don’t appeal to visitors and thus potential customers. Or that the texts do not contain what the visitors are looking for. Many websites resemble a permanent construction site, where text is tinkered with here and there, but where no improvement is in sight.

Granted, not everyone is born to be a copywriter. Creating a convincing text for a website is not an art, but it is a craft that requires a lot of experience and is built on solid foundations. Numerous people who need to formulate a text ask themselves the same questions over and over again: How do I start? How do I structure the text? What details do I need to pay attention to? How do I arouse interest without coming across too salesman like or using empty phrases that have no meaning?

Man sieht eine junge Frau vor einem Computer sitzen. Sie schreibt gerade auf dem vor ihr liegenden Blatt Papier.

It is often the case that you can compose good texts, but you simply don’t have the time. The time spent on copywriting would have been better spent focusing on your core competencies.

You will agree with us when we say that websites are a showcase – for the company or for one’s own skills. The answer to this is to have texts written! Make your website your flagship and have your texts written by writers who have writing skills.

No matter the format, genre, scope or technical depth, from compelling product descriptions, exciting blogs to content-rich how-to guides – we create the desired texts with exciting content that is unique and first-class. Texts that clearly highlight the benefits of your products or services. Texts that bring you success – whether in business or in your private life.


  • Technical and advisory texts
  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions and texts
  • Website texts, SEO texts
  • Social media posts
  • E-book and print texts
  • Advertising and flyer/brochure texts
  • Press releases

Benefits of cooperation:

  • Fast delivery and direct handling
  • All text types and any topic
  • Large text volumes and many languages
  • Full cost control / no administration costs
  • SEO texts
  • Time saving / concentration on core business
  • Professional, uncomplicated and reliable
  • Comprehensible and easy to understand
  • Writing competence
  • Target group oriented
  • Quality guarantee / satisfaction
  • Correct wording, grammar, spelling

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What makes good content?

Satisfy the search intentions of visitors

In order for more potential customers to find your website in search engines and become real customers and future buyers of your products or services, you need professional, unique texts that credibly reflect your company. Texts that satisfy the search intentions of visitors have a double benefit: Visitors trust your expertise and perceive you as a reliable advisor and problem solver. Hereby we always question critical statements or viewpoints to increase your authenticity on the topic.

Good website texts lead to added value

Besides the design of the website, good texts are its flagship. High-quality SEO texts make a start here, because they ensure that potential customers find your website in the first place. Website texts are really good when visitors notice your page, find it interesting, stay there and return regularly. A positive user experience, along with relevant information and added value builds trust, which encourages the purchase decision and generates image and leads.

Eine Nahaufnahme von zwei Händen auf einer Computer Tastatur.

Online articles must be worth reading

The demands on an interesting online article are high: It should not only be informative and unique, but also reflect the interests of the target groups. A clear layout supports its easy readability. However, beware of empty phrases, as these can undermine the expert impression you want visitors to have of you.

Optimally structured pages

For search engine relevant texts (SEO texts), the article must be logically structured and the subject area must be treated broadly and deeply. Last but not least, great care should be taken to optimize the pages for search criteria.

Clever structuring

The content of the website should be structured in such a way that visitors can grasp it quickly. After all, you only have a few seconds to captivate them. This is achieved by well-placed headlines and sublines, spread up texts and cleverly interspersed images.

Man sieht ein ausgdrucktes Textdokument mit dem Titel "Social Media Werbung – Ein Einstieg" mit farbigen Markierungen.

3 Reasons why you should have texts written:

  1. Time saving: You can focus on your core tasks
  2. Writing expertise: svaerm builds on years of experience in creating texts of all kinds
  3. Search engine optimization: So that future customers can find your website

Get your text written!

Why have texts written by svaerm?

You need an informative technical text, inspiring blog article or sparkling advertising text? We at svaerm create unique content for every case that will bring more traffic to your website. Benefit from the experience of our copywriters, who will implement your projects quickly and reliably. Depending on whether special industry know-how is required or not, specialists or generalists come into play. You’ll like this, too: Thanks to transparent prices, you always retain full cost control.

Writing competence based on years of experience

Interdisciplinary team with qualified specialists

Growth with quality

Addressing the texts to the target group of the customer

Full cost control

Time saving due to fast delivery

Who is svaerm?

We are an online marketing agency from Frankfurt and see ourselves as a sparring partner for our clients. Whether it’s text for a new website, for various social media channels or the next newsletter, we have the right words ready for all purposes. Copywriting is our passion! Our communication is clear and authentic, inspired by the Scandinavian way of doing things: In-depth analytically thought out, refreshingly simple implemented. With fascinating content, we inspire people – so they intuitively follow your brand like a swarm.

What do we offer

At svaerm excellence starts at the very beginning. It starts with a free, constructive initial meeting from which you will really profit and continues with a binding offer as well as the reliable delivery of the texts within the agreed timeframe. With us, you have only one contact person for your queries, who also guarantees the high quality of the text work. Thorough research, coherent conception and specific wording are the basis for texts that are precisely tailored to your target groups. What makes our texts special is the careful keyword research and SEO as well as the WDF*IDF optimization which ensure that your texts are visible to the target groups. As a SEO agency we also create catchy meta descriptions, because these can also influence the ranking. We submit the finished texts to you for review and correction. We then maintain the approved texts in WordPress and create an editorial plan if required. Final proofreading and editing round off our offer.

Asking the right questions

We see ourselves as a sparring partner for our customers. Because the most important decisions are always made at the beginning, we involve our customers in the conception of the texts right from the start. Successful texts need good ideas. During a detailed consultation, we ask the right questions to understand the target groups and get to the heart of the customer benefits. Your suggestions, experiences and wishes are taken on board and incorporated into the creative copywriting process. You can be assured that we will thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your topic and, if necessary, coordinate the details with you simply by phone or e-mail.

Optimization according to SEO aspects

The content is optimized according to SEO aspects so that the texts can develop their full power. A thorough content audit uncovers possible gaps or weaknesses in order to eliminate them. You benefit from our many years of experience and the extensive know-how of our conceptioners and copywriters. In the first step we work with internationally recognized SEO tools to identify keywords that are related to your industry / product and offer potential to make your site more discoverable. For each new text we create a writing plan in advance, which means that we analyze the first page on Google for the selected keyword and thereby identify what the user expects in his search. In the case of the keyword cricket, the user does not search for the insect, but for the sports activity. The final text is then created from the writing plan and thus covers all the user’s search intentions.ab.

Our SEO tools

Man sieht eine junge Frau vor einem Computer sitzen. Auf dem Bildschirm sieht man zwei Programme zur Keyword Recherche.
Keyword research with the help of selected SEO tools

Industry know-how ensures optimum understanding

No matter whether chemical company, manufacturing industry, consumer goods sector or other industries and sectors: We have qualified writers for every subject area. Your texts are written by experienced professionals who have subject- and industry-specific expertise. They have a precise understanding of your requirements and expectations and speak your customers’ language.

In order to fully understand the requirements of your market and the benefits of your products or services, we first discuss all the important basic information with you over the phone. Intensive research into the market environment and competitors also ensures that we have the right feel for your industry and the potential target group.


This is the basic process. Of course, each process can be customized depending on the requirements and structure.

Free initial consultation!


We don’t believe in catalog prices or prices per word, but work boutique-style according to the customer’s needs and charge in hours. The cost of this depends on a lot of different factors, which we will be happy to discuss with you in our initial meeting. Get a non-binding quote now!


Kuraray Elastomer

The elastomer website of Kuraray, a specialty chemicals company with Japanese roots, is aimed at technical and business B2B decision-makers. It contains SEO-optimized texts with technical depth.

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Ambiente Blog

Ambiente Blog

Messe Frankfurt’s B2B trade magazine impresses with its chic, minimalist design and its emotional texts, around the topics “Table & Kitchen”, “Gifts & Accessories” and “Furnishing & Decorating”.

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Conzoom Solutions

Conzoom Solutions

Retailers are a discerning and much courted target group. This online trade magazine specifically for the retail sector presents its content in an easy-to-digest and easy-to-find way and generates event attendance.

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FAQ: Everything important in a nutshell

The completion of the texts depends primarily on the size of the order. While shorter texts can be delivered quickly, longer texts may take several weeks. After we have estimated the volume, we can give you reliable information on the delivery date. We also offer a proofreading loop in which you can express your change requests.

As you can imagine, the cost of text creation depends on variables such as the volume, complexity and other services, e.g. web design. We calculate each order individually for you and provide you with a transparent offer.

Efficient, interesting SEO texts are characterized by the fact that you meet the user's search intention and the structure is built so that the search hierarchy is also respected. In addition, they must offer the user a unique content piece that makes the post special and appeals to your website visitors in such a way that they linger on it for a long time. Because this is also an indication of quality for Google & Co. With the experience of our writers, we create texts that not only appeal to your customers, but also to the search engines. Of course, we also make use of common SEO tools such as ahrefs and kwfinder to select the right keywords for your content. This way you can be sure that the SEO measures will work.

The most important criterion for a strong ranking for search engines is the content of the website. SEO-optimized texts are found more easily and result in more inquiries. We create the best conditions so that search engines like Google can optimally understand and evaluate the content of your website: through a clear writing style and structure as well as catchy headlines and content with added value.

Our services are extensive and range from a thorough consultation to the creation of appropriate texts of any kind up to the timely delivery of the texts. In addition, you receive from svaerm all services for websites that you can expect from a large full-service agency for online marketing.

svaerm writes all kinds of texts for you - from general texts up to in-depth technical texts for products and services that require explanation. We have a pool of qualified, experienced copywriters that includes generalists as well as specialists.

As an online marketing agency with core competencies in web, SEO, social media and multimedia content creation for B2B and B2C, svaerm supports you in all disciplines related to websites - including programming. We realize projects from slim one-pager up to enterprise-level company websites with login area and complex interfaces.

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